tune in; tune in to; tune out; tune up; turn against; turn away; turn down; turn in; turn into

tune in
收看 (電視節目);收聽 (電台節目)
Be sure to tune in next week for the next episode.
Millions of people tuned in to watch the election results.

tune in to +
收看 (電視節目);收聽 (電台節目)
Make sure you tune in to next week's show.

tune * out +
I tuned him out because he was talking such rubbish.

tune * up +
He's tuned his car up for the race.

tune * up +
(將樂器) 調音,定弦
The orchestra tuned up their instruments before the concert.

turn against +
The public turned against the government when they became arrogant and ceased to listen.

turn * away +
They turned us away at the border because we didn't have visas.
The doorman turned him away from the nightclub because he was wearing trainers.

turn * down +
拒絕 (提議、要求、邀請等)
She turned down the new job in New York, because she didn't want to move.
They offered her the job, but she turned it down.

turn * down +
調低,關小 (音量 、溫度、亮度等)
I'm studying! Please turn down the TV.
Can you turn down the music a little bit?
The room was too hot, so she turned the heating down.

turn in
(晚上) 上床睡覺;就寢
It's getting late. I think it is about time to turn in.
I turned in at half past eleven because I had an early start the next morning.

turn in +
You need to turn in your essays next week.
Don't forget to turn in your gun when you leave the police force.

turn into +
變成 (不同的事物)
When she kissed the frog, it turned into a handsome prince.