(名詞) 政治遺傳學 -- 一門研究政治行為和態度是由基因所決定的科學。它是由行為遺傳學 (behavioral genetics)、心理學 (psychology) 和政治學 (political science) 所構成,且與新興的政治神經學 (neuropolitics) 和政治生理學 (political physiology) 有密切關係。
genopolitical (形容詞):政治遺傳的;政治遺傳學的。

Why do some people vote and others stay home on Election Day? For years, scholars have assumed that a voter pulls the lever because she grew up in a voting household or perhaps sat through a lot of civics classes. But this year two political scientists published studies claiming that in addition to environment, genes may be a primary influence on political engagement. Not only that, they think they have identified the genes that increase the likelihood of voting. A political scientist who advocates this approach calls this emerging field genopolitics.
—Emily Biuso, "Genopolitics," The New York Times, December 12, 2008