phantom vibration

(名詞) 幽靈振動:無人來電或傳來簡訊,但卻感覺手機在振動。

由於越來越多人太專注於手機的動態 (如來電和簡訊的鈴聲),因此產生幻聽或幻覺的現象,一種新的病症於焉產生,叫做 "phantom vibration syndrome" (幽靈振動症候群)。

Psychologically, the key to deciphering phantom vibrations is "hypothesis-guided search," a theory that describes the selective monitoring of physical sensations, says Jeffrey Janata, director of the behavioral medicine program at University Hospitals in Cleveland. It suggests that when cellphone users are alert to vibrations, they are likely to experience sporadic false alarms, he says.
—Angela Haupt, "Good vibrations? Bad? None at all?," USA Today, June 12, 2007

It's not a trivial problem, according to his study of stress levels in 100 smartphone users, including university students, retail workers and public-sector employees. Some users in the study were so hooked that they reported feeling "phantom vibrations" from non-existent text messages.
—Adriana Barton, "Smartphone stress: Can you say irony?," The Globe and Mail, January 22, 2012