work-life overload

(名詞) 個人工作和生活之雙重責任所造成的過度負擔。

In theory, flextime seems like an everyone-wins proposition. But one person's work-life balance can be another's work-life overload. Someone, after all, has to make that meeting or hit that deadline.
—Hannah Seligson, "When the Work-Life Scales Are Unequal," The New York Times, September 1, 2012

This trend is demonstrated by an almost 400-per-cent increase in fathers taking parental leave during the period 1998-2004. They are equally likely as mothers to report work-life conflict and high work-life overload.
—Stephen Hume, "In the long run, Family Day will prove to be a good thing for B.C. businesses," Vancouver Sun, February 9, 2013