dopamine decor

(名詞/可數) 多巴胺裝飾風格 - 在裝潢和布置住家時使用鮮豔的色彩和圖案來使自己感到快樂及改善心理健康的趨勢。

註:多巴胺 (dopamine) 是一種大腦神經傳導的物質,有快樂激素之稱。當我們從事身體所需的特定活動時,大腦就會釋放多巴胺,讓人感到愉悅。

Dopamine decor has been inspired by a catwalk trend where people choose to dress in colourful clothes to enhance their mood. The serotonin soaked concept is now emerging in the interiors world too with home owners choosing bright colours and patterns rich in shape and design to express joy and excitement within the home.
[, 6 July 2022]