(名詞) 對聰明的人有高度「性趣」的人;對聰明的人存有性幻想的人。(形容詞) 對聰明的人有高度「性趣」的;對聰明的人存有性幻想的。
sapiosexuality (名詞)

註:這個字在一定程度上是由 sapient 和 sexual 這兩個形容詞拼綴而成,中間被塞入一個 o 以反映 heterosexual 和 homosexual 等字的構詞法。Sapient 意為「聰明的;睿智的」(比較:homo sapiens「智人」- 現代人的學名)。

Now relocated to Paris after years living in Co. Kildare, husky-voiced chanteuse Marianne Faithfull speaks enthusiastically of a little-known entry in the lexicon of love. The 65-year-old says: 'There is this fantastic new term and I really hope it exists. It's "sapiosexual"... It means being attracted sexually to people's minds as well as their bodies. And there was a lot of it around in the Sixties, let me tell you.'
—Isaac Bickerstaffe, "Now relocated to Paris after...," Irish Daily Mail, April 24, 2012

"Sapiosexual" is a relatively new word that refers to a person who is erotically attracted to intelligence.
—Rob Brezsny, "Free Will Astrology: November 21-27, 2012," The Village Voice, November 21, 2012