pine away; pipe down; pipe up; pit against; pitch for; pitch in; pitch into; play along; play about/around; play at

pine away
He's been pining away since his wife died and is a shadow of his former self.

pipe down
The lecturer asked the students to pipe down and pay attention.

pipe up
At first, no one answered, then finally someone piped up.

pit * against
The war pitted neighbor against neighbor.

pitch for +
爭取 (工作,交易,生意等)
He pitched for the job, but they gave it to someone else.

pitch in
We were behind schedule, but the others pitched in and we got it done in time.

pitch into +
嚴厲批評 (某人);攻擊 (某人)
The shareholders pitched into the management about their pay rises at the meeting.

play along
(為了使某人高興或得到自己想要的東西而) 假裝同意或接受 (某人,某觀點等)
I disagreed with the idea but I had to play along because everyone else liked it.

play about/around
(尤指本該做其他事情時) 胡鬧,瞎搞
The children were play around and being annoying.

play at +
把...不當一回事;對 (某事) 敷衍了事
He just plays at being a lawyer- he never wins a case.