(動詞) 整裝。
recombobulation (n.):整裝。

這個字顯然是仿效 discombobulate (v. 使混亂) 所創造的,原意為「從混亂狀態恢復過來」;《牛津英語辭典》(Oxford English Dictionary) 早在 1834 和 1838 年就已分別列出 discombobulated 和 discombobulate 的引句。現在許多機場都設有所謂的 "recombobulation area" (整裝區),讓接受安檢後的乘客可以在此把衣服和首飾重新穿戴好、手提行李再整理好。(圖片

My heart was gladdened by an official-looking sign in the Milwaukee airport, just beyond the Transportation Security Administration checkpoint, hanging over where you put your shoes and coat back on and stuff your laptop back in the case: The sign said, "Recombobulation Area." The English language gains a new word. Recombobulate, America. Pull yourself together, tie your shoelaces, and if your pilot is wearing a button that says "To hell with the FAA," wait for the next flight.
—Garrison Keillor, "Running on anger," Chicago Tribune, January 27, 2010

Travelers at Mitchell International Airport moving through security screening will be met with a sign showing them the recombobulation area, where travelers can get redressed. (在 (密爾瓦基) 米歇爾國際機場,安檢完畢的乘客將會看到「整裝區」標示牌,乘客可以在此重新穿戴整齊)