sexual anorexia

(名詞) 性慾缺乏 (症);厭性 (症):對配偶提不起「性」趣,但對看A片 (watch porn) 卻「性」致勃勃的症狀或情況。anorexia 原意為「食慾缺乏 (症);厭食 (症)」。

Your husband’s behavior is actually very common for people who have a sexual addiction. There is a term for it: Sexual Anorexia—he starves you sexually because he no longer needs you—he has videos which don’t demand anything from him. He has actors on a stage who seem to give him all he needs, and they do not expect anything.
—Lucile Zimmerman, "Help, my husband is addicted to porn…," Examiner, May 29, 2009