shelter porn

(名詞) 能為高檔建築物、家具、室內陳設和裝潢增光和加分的圖像和文字。

In gardening parlance, the exuberantly shaded urns might be regarded as a delicious folly, a needlessly flamboyant landscaping gesture designed to delight the senses. (I know such terms because I worked for years at Canada's premier gardening magazine, now, like so many other examples of food and shelter porn, sadly defunct.)
—Danny Sinopoli, "Eye-popping planters," The Globe and Mail, January 29, 2010

The devil on my left shoulder whispers this: "Bird Cloud" is an especially off-putting book about a wealthy and imperious writer who annoys the local residents (she runs off their cows), overwrites about nature and believes people will sympathize with her about the bummers involved in getting her Japanese soaking tub, tatami-mat exercise area, Mexican talavera sink and Brazilian floor tiles installed just so. "Bird Cloud" is shelter porn with a side of highbrow salsa.
—Dwight Garner, "A Novelist Wills Her Dream Home Into Being," The New York Times, January 4, 2011