drive-by porn

(名詞) 從附近車輛的車內螢幕上所看到的色情畫面或 A 片。亦叫做 drive-by pornographydrive-by smut

由於這種有如吸二手菸的色情影片二手觀看現在經常發生,美國有好幾個州已立法或提議立法來予以防止。這個片語源自 drive-by shooting,後者意為「飛車槍擊」,指的是槍擊犯在同夥開車的協助下,持槍射擊路邊的人,由於是邊開車邊掃射,並沒有停下來,因此叫做 drive-by。

"It was like when a friend tells you too many details about their personal life," says Jess Mortimer, who spent an eternity stuck in a Beltway traffic jam behind some guy watching really acrobatic stuff on his SUV's television. (This type of secondhand viewing is prevalent enough to have earned its own terminology: Drive-By Porn. Several states have passed or proposed legislation dedicated to preventing it.)
—Monica Hesse, "Publicly, a whole new lewdness," The Washington Post, November 12, 2009