stare down/out; stomp off; stomp on; team up; team up with; text out

stare * down/out
盯得 (某人) 不敢再對視;盯得 (某人) 感到緊張 (註:stare down 為美式英語,stare out 為英式英語)
Children enjoy a silly competition in which they try to stare each other down.
The time and place were not suitable for an argument, but at least I could express my opposition to the woman by staring her out.

stomp off
John lost his temper and stomped off home.

stomp on +
They stomped on their competitors.

team up
Peter and Paul teamed up to publicize the issue.

team up with +
(與某人) 聯手;(與某人) 合作
I teamed up with Janet to do the job.

text out
I was feeling too tired to go and texted out.
Man, I can't bear the thought of going to dinner with Sophia again, so I think I am going to text out.