two-pizza team

(名詞) 公司內部成員人數恰到好處的研發、創新或開發小組 - 之所以如此稱呼,是因為他們的人數不太多,最多只要兩個披薩就可通通吃飽了。

There were a couple of keys to keeping the projects on track, Carter says. The teams used an agile development approach to get frequent feedback from people outside the teams. Also, Carter kept teams small. "We try to keep some of these innovative teams in IT down to what we call 'two-pizza teams.' If you can't feed them with two pizzas, they're probably getting too big," he says.
—Paul McDougall, "How FedEx Has Adapted From Overnight To Over Net," InformationWeek, September 14, 2011

Over time, Mr. Bezos's unusual management style began to develop....

He wanted a decentralized, even disorganized company where independent ideas would prevail over groupthink. He instituted, as a company-wide rule, the concept of the "two-pizza team"—that is, any team should be small enough that it could be fed with two pizzas.
—Richard L. Brandt, "Birth of a Salesman," The Wall Street Journal, October 15, 2011