(名詞) 雇用來監督及張貼訊息到公司在社群網站所成立之帳戶的實習生。這個字是由 Twitter (推特) + intern (實習生) 拼綴而成。
twinternship (名詞):這種實習生的身份。

A twintern is a graduate or university student who completes an internship at a company and has a focus on social media, including — but not restricted to — Facebook and Twitter.
—Cara Jenkins, "Interns help firms turn on social media," The Advertiser, January 8, 2011

You know all of those unpaid work experience kids that are handed the keys of a business' Twitter account? They now have a name for their situation — 'twinternship.'
—Oliver Milman, "The business buzzwords set to dominate 2013," StartupSmart, January 22, 2013