food forest

(名詞) 大多種植蔬菜、水果、果樹、堅果樹、藥草及其他可生產食物之植物的菜園。

Resident Becca Verm, who once worked on a farm in South America, envisions turning the backyard into a "food forest," a gardening concept that substitutes woodlands for edible greens, perennials and fruit trees.
—Nancy Sarnoff, "The more the merrier as co-op pursues sustainability," Houston Chronicle, February 24, 2013

She calls that a "food forest" — a diverse and multi-layered mix of tree canopy, berry-laden shrubs, vines, groundcover and planting beds.

"You can create a food forest garden in any aesthetic style in a typical urban, suburban or rural backyard," Bloom said.
—Dean Fosdick, "Backyard chickens? Give them a 'food forest'," Associated Press, March 26, 2013