stop around; stop back; stop behind; stop by; stop in; stop off; stop out; stop over; stop up

stop around
Why don't you stop around my place on your way back?

stop back
返回 (某地)
I'll stop back this afternoon when you're free.

stop behind
I stopped behind at the end of the lecture to ask a couple of questions.

stop by +
I must stop by the supermarket and pick up some things for dinner.

stop in
I was feeling tired so I stopped in last night.

stop in
I stopped in at my aunt's after work.

stop off
中途停留 (與 stop over 同義),路過停留一下
We stopped off for lunch about halfway there, then carried on driving.

stop out
Her parents were annoyed because she stopped out all night.

stop over
中途停留 (與 stop off 同義);在外過夜
I stopped over in Bangkok for a couple of days on my way back from Tokyo.
Because of the severe rainstorm, we couldn't get home and had to stop over in a hotel.

stop up
I stopped up last night watching the film.

stop * up +
堵住、塞住 (洞等)
I stopped up the bottle with a cork.