Idaho stop

STOP and YIELD signs(名詞) 車輛 (尤其是腳踏車) 減速慢行但並未完全停下來的讓路行為。

為什麼使用 Idaho (美國愛達荷州) 這個字呢? 該州 1982 年通過一項法律,允許腳踏車騎士將停止標誌 (stop signs) 視為讓路標誌 (yield signs)。這也就是說,他們不必將單車完全停下來,但必須將道路先行權 (right-of-way) 讓給行人及其他車輛。

Here's an idea that would light up talk-radio phone lines, even though it would do little more than legalize what many cyclists do every day anyway: It's called the Idaho stop. ...

Almost no cyclist, even the most cautious, stops at stop signs in this city. Dr. Gridlock has previously smugly bragged that he does. But, in fact, he does not. He does Idaho stops.
—Jeff Gray, "Idaho stop one way to fuel 'war on the car'," The Globe and Mail, May 29, 2009