blurt out; bog down; bog in; bog into; bog off; boil down; boil down to; boil over; boil up; bone up on

blurt * out +
I was really angry when he blurted out the secret.

bog down
(使) 陷入泥沼;(使) 陷入困難;(使) 不能前進
Richard got bogged down in his research and didn't finish the project in time.

bog in
We were starving and bogged in when the food was served.

bog into +
They bogged into the lunch.

bog off
(英口語) (粗魯說法) 滾開
Bog off! Get out of here!

boil * down +
縮短,濃縮 (文章)
The report's so long, I boiled it down into a two-page summary.

boil down to +
It's difficult to choose which appliance to buy, but in the end it usually boils down to cost.

boil over
I left the milk on the cooker and it boiled over.

boil over
(局勢) 失去控制;爆發;發怒
The tension had been building up and it boiled over in the meeting.

boil up
(形勢) 惡化;(怒火) 升高
The anger boiled up in me when I saw what they had done.

boil * up +
煮沸 (食物)
I boiled up some water for a cup of coffee.

bone up on +
I need to bone up on my English grammar for the test.