try for; try it on; try on; try out; try out for; tuck away; tuck in; tuck into; tuck up

try for +
I'm going to try for the job.

try it on
(對某人) 粗野無禮;(跟某人) 搗蛋
The children were trying it on all night until I lost my temper.

try it on
(向某人) 行騙,欺騙
He knew I didn't get to let him do it- he was just trying it on.

try * on +
試穿,試戴 (衣服、帽子、鞋子等)
Try on the pants before you buy them.

try * out +
Try out this massage chair - it feels great!
Scientists are trying out a new drug in the fight against the disease.

try * out +
I tried out the program before I bought it.

try out for +
(透過才藝表現) 爭取參加;參加...的選拔
He tried out for the baseball team.

tuck * away +
把...藏在 (某處);把 (錢等) 放在安全處
I tucked the money away in my drawer.

tuck * away +
We tucked away a huge dinner before we went out.

tuck * in +
把...塞好;把 (衣服) 紮進去;把 (某物) 裝好
I forgot to tuck my shirt in.

tuck in
The dinner smelled so good I couldn't wait to tuck in.

tuck * in +
給 (小孩或病人) 蓋好被子睡覺
He tucked her in and read her a story.

tuck into +
I was starving and tucked into the food.

tuck * up +
給 (小孩或病人) 蓋好被子睡覺
She tucked her children up in bed and switched the lights off.