slip into; slip off; slip off to; slip on; slip out; slip up; smoke out; snaffle up

slip into +
迅速穿上 (衣服)
I got out of my suit and slipped into my pajamas.

slip into +
逐漸陷入 (不良的習慣或不好的狀態、處境等)
The country is slipping into recession.

slip off
悄悄地離開 (某地);不動聲色地離開 (某地)
The party was very boring so we slipped off before it finished.

slip * off +
迅速脫掉 (衣服)
I slipped my shoes off when I entered.

slip off to +
We slipped off to the pub.

slip * on +
迅速穿上 (衣服)
Jack slipped his jacket on and rushed outside.

slip out
悄悄地離開 (某地);不動聲色地離開 (某地)
The party was really dull so we slipped out and went to the pub instead.

slip up
The waitress slipped up and didn't bring us what we had ordered.

smoke * out
用煙將 (人、動物或昆蟲) 燻出
The police smoked the gang out and arrested them.

snaffle * up +
(尤指在別人之前) 買到;拿到;吃掉
They snaffled up all the food before we got there.


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