screen sightedness

(名詞) 長時間在室內盯著小螢幕看所造成的近視。
screen sighted (形容詞):長時間在室內盯著小螢幕看所造成的近視的。

British researchers coined the problem "screen sighted," referring to a 35 percent increase in nearsightedness since the launch of smartphones in 1997.
—"British Researchers Believe Smartphones Are To Blame For Poor Eyesight," CBS Los Angeles, August 17, 2013

I couldn’t find the actual study online, but it came out of the UK where a laser eye surgeon claims there has been a 35% increase in nearsightedness—screen sightedness, he has dubbed it—since 1997. He believes smartphones are a cause, and warns that the problem will only get worse.
—"Is 'screen sightedness' for real?," Frugal Nurse, August 29, 2013