(名詞) 性別與年齡歧視,尤指對上了年紀的女性的歧視。這個字是由 sexism (性別歧視 - 尤指對女性的性別歧視) 和 ageism (年齡歧視;老年歧視) 拼綴而成。

Yesterday, concern over the disparity flared up, with a series of high-profile women speaking out against "sageism" — what they see as a toxic combination of sexism and ageism — by which competent and popular female broadcasters are shunted into the sidelines.
—Emily Dugan, "You won't see women going grey in front of the cameras," The Independent on Sunday, April 12, 2009

It is ironic that women broadcasters have coined the term sageism, with its suggestion of wisdom, to describe the toxic combination of sexism and ageism that many claim forces them off the television screen after they reach 50.
—Jennifer Cunningham, "Glad to be going grey? Only if you happen to be male," The Herald, September 20, 2012