(名詞) 儘管所有證據皆顯示相反的情況,但仍認為事情會變得更好的不理性信念和看法。這個字是由 hope + opium (鴉片) 拼綴而成,亦寫成 hopeium, hope-ium

Another reason for yesterday's equity index performance was reported to be, as one analyst coined the term, 'hope-ium' that Euro governments discussing coordinated, tougher and enforceable fiscal policies would eventually resolve that trading bloc's sovereign debt woes.
—C Neul, "Black Friday & Yesterday's Equity Market Pop," The Reasoned Sceptic, November 29, 2011

You'd better not shout, pout or cry because you know who might be coming to town. At least that seems to be the growing feeling among commentators. Realistic? Or is it a case of, as CNBC beautifully put it on Wednesday, markets being on a new drug called hopium?
—Greg Peel, "Next Week at a Glance," FNArena, December 2, 2011