rug-rat race

(名詞) 學童的激烈競爭 - 小孩從小受到強大壓力,被要求學業名列前茅,以為將來進入菁英大學預作準備。亦寫成 rug rat racerugrat race。這個名詞是由 rug rat + rat race 拼綴而成。rug ratrat race 都是俚語,前者意為「小孩,兒童,幼兒」,後者意為「(商界) 激烈的競爭」。

The analysis raises questions about the extent to which inadvertent engineering—starting with the so-called “rug-rat race”—is exacerbating the achievement gap.
—Alia Wong, “How to Solve the Diversity Problem at NYC’s Elite Public Schools,” The Atlantic, March 5, 2015

This striving is necessarily, and worryingly, inegalitarian. Parental investment in children’s education is an arms race in which poorer families cannot hope to keep pace. Richer, better-educated families can call on many more assets in helping struggling students or providing enriching résumé-building material. The more the rug-rat race leads parents to withdraw their children from public-school systems, the worse this trend becomes.
—Ryan Avent, “High-Pressure Parenting,” 1843, February 6, 2017