Horse surfing/騎馬衝浪

These riders have taken horse racing to new limits - by racing each other through the waves on surf boards attached to their horse saddles.

Just a short cord attaches the surfer to the horse and rider - who can travel at speeds of up to 35mph through the waves.

Daredevil surfers and riders have even taken to racing each other through the surf in beaches in Baule, on the west coast of France.

It comes just two weeks after the Metro revealed all on another new equine-related extreme sport: horse-boarding.

Horse-boarding involves being pulled on a skateboard at up to 56kph (35mph).

It has become so popular that a training centre has opened and Britain’s first championships are to be held this year.

The 2011 Grand National takes place this weekend at Aintree. It's Britain's biggest race of the year. (Metro)


rider -- (n.) 騎馬 (或騎腳踏車等的) 人;搭乘車輛的人。

horse racing -- (n.) 賽馬。

race -- (v.) 和…競賽、競速。

surf board -- (n.) 衝浪板。Surf board 通常寫成一個字 surfboard。

saddle -- (n.) 馬鞍。

cord -- (n.) 細繩,繩索。

surfer -- (n.) 衝浪者。

daredevil -- (adj.) 喜歡冒險的;不怕死的。這個字亦可當名詞用,意為「喜歡冒險的人;不怕死的人」。

equine -- (n.) 馬;馬科動物。這個字亦可當形容詞用,意為「馬的;馬科的」。

extreme sport -- (n.) 極限運動。

horse-boarding -- (n) 馬板 (騎馬溜滑板)。按此看 horse-boarding 的報導和圖片

skateboard -- (n.) 滑板。

championship -- (n.) 錦標賽。

Grand National -- (n.) (英國一年一度的) 全國越野障礙賽馬。每年 4 月初的某個週六下午在利物浦 (Liverpool) 附近的 Aintree Racecourse 賽馬場舉行。