hold up; hold with; home in on; hone in on; hook up; hook up to; horse around; hound out

hold * up +
(使) 耽擱;(使) 延遲
The accident held traffic up for an hour.

hold * up +
暴力搶劫;武裝搶劫 (某人,銀行)
Five men held the bank up yesterday.

hold with + (通常用於否定句)
I don't hold with their plans.

home in on +
直搗 (問題核心);切中 (要害);瞄準 (目標)
The government is homing in on benefit fraud.

hone in on +
全神貫注於...;瞄準 (目標)
The company honed in on its rival and tried to take it over. (有些人認為這片語動詞是錯的;它跟 home in on 很容易被搞混)

hook up
與 (某人) 見面
We hooked up at the conference.

hook up to +
把 (兩個電子設備或裝置) 連接起來;把 (設備或裝置) 接到電腦 (或電源) 上
He's hooked up to a ventilator in the hospital.

horse around
The class were horsing around when the teacher came in and told them to sit down.

hound * out +
迫使 (某人) 辭職、離開 (某地或某職位)
The press hounded the minister out after the scandal broke.