(名詞) 穿著時髦但端莊的回教婦女;為回教婦女設計時髦服飾的人。

As the trend of wearing hijab spreads, so, too, have hijab fashions. Women from New Jersey to Jakarta are trying new ways of wearing wraps taught on YouTube or showcased on runways.

Whatever the look, hijabistas share one style principle: This is not their mother's head scarf — conservative, plain, a little too formless.
—Carol Huang, "The Muslim veil: modesty has its own style," The Christian Science Monitor, December 12, 2009

Welcome to the world inhabited by the "Hijabistas", a trendy set of up-and-coming Muslim fashion designers who are doing their bit to forge an indigenous British Islamic identity.
—Jerome Taylor, "Beautiful and Islamic: the new look on the catwalk," The Independent, July 2, 2010