chew out; chew over; chew up; chicken out; chill out; chime in; chip away at; chip in; choose up

chew * out +
They chewed him out for being late.

chew * over +
仔細考慮;反覆思考 (某問題等)
He asked for a few days to chew the matter over before he made a final decision.

chew * up +
The dog chewed up my shoe.

chew * up +
(在機器裡面) 弄壞,破壞 (某物)
The video chewed my CD up.

chicken out
I chickened out of the bungee jumping when I saw how high it was.

chill out
放鬆 (一下)
I'm staying at home and chilling out this evening.

chime in
插嘴 (表示同意某人)
If it's OK, I'd like to chime in because I think it's a good idea.

chip away at +
They have been chipping away at his reputation ever since he took office.

chip in
湊錢 (捐獻,捐助)
Everybody chipped in to pay the bill.

chip in
If I could chip in, there are a couple of issues I'd like to raise.

choose up
We chose up to play the game.

choose * up +
We chose up teams before the game.