bookshelf wealth

(名詞/不可數) 書架財富 - 一種室內設計趨勢,就是人們在家裡的書架上擺滿了書籍及其他他們真正喜歡的物品,而不是為了看起來聰明或時尚才展示這些東西。

There's a brand new trend popping up on TikTok known as "bookshelf wealth" – but according to design professionals, it's not a trend at all. Many interior design experts have suggested that "bookshelf wealth" actually encourages the opposite of trend-led behaviour. Bookshelf wealth is all about playing the long game when it comes to filling your home up with beautiful pieces that you really treasure, that mean something to you, and that you've collected over the years.
[, 29 January 2024]

抖音 (TikTok) 上出現一種被稱為「書架財富」的全新趨勢,但根據設計專業人士的說法,這根本不是一種趨勢。許多室內設計專家認為,「書架財富」實際上係在激勵與引領潮流趨勢的行為相反的行為。書架財富就是在進行一場長期的遊戲,用你真正珍惜的、對你有意義的以及你多年來所收集的美麗書籍和物品來填滿你的家。