(名詞/不可數) 猴痘 - 世界衛生組織 (WHO) 用來稱呼猴痘 (monkeypox) 的新名詞。猴痘是一種由病毒所引起的人畜共通傳染病,即病原體是由猿猴、猩猩、老鼠及其他動物傳染給人類。

The World Health Organization, responding to complaints that the word monkeypox conjures up racist tropes and stigmatizes patients, is recommending that the name of the disease be changed to mpox. Both names are to be used for a year until monkeypox is phased out …"W.H.O. will adopt the term mpox in its communications, and encourages others to follow these recommendations, to minimize any ongoing negative impact of the current name and from adoption of the new name," the health organization said in a statement.
[, 28 November 2022]