(名詞) 在電影、戲劇或電視節目中,雇用演員來扮演種族與其不同之角色的作法,如雇用布魯斯威利來演莫那魯道。亦寫成 race-bending, race bending
race bend (動詞):(演員) 扮演種族與其不同的角色。
racebender (名詞):扮演種族與其不同之角色的演員。cf. gender bender/gender-bender (男扮女裝或女扮男裝的歌手或藝人)。

A number of commenters, speaking about the casting of Mr. Kingsley in "Iron Man 3," have been decrying a possible case of "yellowface," the Asian corollary of blackface in which white vaudevillians would paint their faces to play African-American characters. Similar terms are "racebending" and "whitewashing."
—Mark McDonald, "Can Ben Kingsley "Play Chinese'?," The New York Times (blog post), July 18, 2012

When the film, The Last Airbender was released in 2010, there was a lot of controversy surrounding the casting of white actors into lead roles that were originally meant for people of color— this practice, called "racebending," has been unfortunately popular in the film industry.
—Jamilya Ramos, "The Last Racebender," Campus Progress, September 11, 2012