tech-life balance

(名詞) 科技與生活的平衡 - 亦即科技的應用不會降低個人的生活品質或妨礙個人的人際關係。這是仿效 work-life balance (工作與生活的平衡) 所創造的詞。

Nevertheless, it's an interesting idea. What would life be like without the internet? Is it even possible any more? Many of us have become slaves to our smartphones. You can't get through a night out without at least nine Black-Berry-based interruptions. The commute is now an email catch-up opportunity. And I have friends who confess to checking their iPad updates before they say good morning to their wives. We are losing the tech-life balance.
—Matt Rudd, "Digital suicide is far from painless (subscription req'd)," The Sunday Times, December 5, 2010

A few weeks earlier, we had been chatting as a family about our tech-life balance and seeing if we could have some non-screen time (NST) — albeit in units of hours rather than days. No screens before school, all mobiles on the landing at night, no calls at meal-times-type agreements.
—Stephen Carrick-Davies, "Can our family escape the tyranny of the screen?," The Guardian, December 31, 2011