(名詞) 將剖腹生產 (caesarean section) 和腹部整形 (abdominoplasty 或 tummy tuck) 結合在一起的手術。亦寫成 C-tuck 或叫做 mommy tuck。這個字是由 caesarean section + tummy tuck 拼綴而成。

Getting a c-tuck means having two surgeries in the same timeframe. Baby is born by c-section; the OB and team whisk baby away, and then a plastic surgeon comes in to remove some abdominal flesh, possibly doing some liposuction in the process.
—Elena Donovan Mauer, "C-Tucks: Genius Idea or Scary Trend?," The Bump, September 19, 2013

While there have been plenty of rumors about Brit-Brit getting some work done, she has never actually admitted it. We do know that she had tummy tucks at the time of her caesarean sections with her two children. Nothing new there. Most of the celebrity women who give birth via C-section opt for the C-tuck.
—C Hanson, "What?! Britney Spears Admits to Getting Plastic Surgery," Dudley Media Group, December 7, 2013