(名詞) 讓身為人母者感到羞愧。亦寫成 mom shamingmommy shaming
mom shamer (名詞):讓身為人母者感到羞愧的人。

說明:民眾拍下某位母親對其子女做出他們認為不當或有害行為的照片,然後將照片 PO 上網讓網友批判、非難或譴責。當照片瘋傳時,這些母親也看到了照片而感到羞愧。

Mommy shaming is when someone makes a mother feel bad about how they are parenting. Lana Lebersfeld said that she sees it all the time…

Trista Vanhoose said that she was mommy shamed by a relative over vaccinating her son….

“The mom shaming is really the 2014 term for judgement,” she said.
—“Experts, Mothers Say Online ‘Mommy Shamers’ Can Make A Tough Job Even Tougher,” CBS New York, September 17, 2014

I’ll take an honest expression of disapproval any day over the smug, passive-aggressive mom-shaming that goes on every day on the playground and in the comments sections of every parenting blog.
—Emily Flake, “Emily Flake’s Mama Tried lambastes modern parenting, in all its passive-aggressive, smug glory,” The Globe and Mail, October 29, 2015