drought shaming

(動名詞/現在分詞) 公開指責住家或機構在乾旱或限水期間過份用水。亦寫成 droughtshaming。
drought shame (動詞):公開指責住家或機構在乾旱或限水期間過份用水。
drought shamer (名詞):公開指責住家或機構在乾旱或限水期間過份用水的人。

Neighbors are tattling on neighbors for wasting water and some are taking their drought shaming to social media.
—Anjali Hemphill, "Drought Shaming Pitting Neighbors Against Neighbors On Social Media," CBS Sacramento, July 11, 2014

And some existing technologies are being repurposed to focus on the drought, for example, vizSafe, an app designed to post localized alerts allowing people to warn their neighbors about crime, flooding, fire, missing persons, and traffic, is being used for "drought shaming," calling out water wasters.
—Tekla Perry, "The California Drought: There's an App For That," IEEE Spectrum, September 12, 2014