(名詞) 心靈脆弱、容易心煩氣躁的大學生。亦叫做 teacup kid

Toughen up, teacup. No matter how brilliant you think you (and your argument) may be, the day will come when you will be told in no uncertain terms that you are laughably wrong. Will you cry? ...

It's bad enough that the teacups think, feel and act as they do. That the rules of the law prof game are to encourage this teacup behavior is absurd.
—Scott H. Greenfield, "Law School Lessons: The Teacup Rule," Simple Justice, May 4, 2010

In the US, Skenazy says helicopter parenting has led to a generation of young adults so fragile they are known as "teacup kids'.
—Judy Skatssoon, "The perils of parenting," The Telegraph, October 1, 2010