sibling novel

(名詞/可數) 姊妹小說;兄弟小說 - 同一名作者所寫的小說,小說中有部分的人物或角色與該作者所寫的另一本小說完全一樣,但並非另一本小說的續集或同系列的小說。

In her typically inventive fashion, Jennifer Egan calls The Candy House, the follow-up to her Pulitzer Prize winner A Visit from the Goon Squad (2011), a "sibling novel". According to Egan, The Candy House follows a number of [A Visit from the Goon Squad's] peripheral characters into their own futures and pasts to create an independent work with a new set of preoccupations and center of gravity, but equal affinity for technology, humor, and structural freedom.
[, 26 April 2022]