flounce off; flounce out; fly about/around; fly at; fly by; fly into; fob off; fob off on; fob off onto; fob off with

flounce off
He flounced off when they laughed at him.

flounce out
He flounced out when the press started criticizing him.

fly about/around
(消息、謠言等) 迅速傳播、流傳
The rumor has been flying about for the past week, but no one has confirmed it.
There are a lot of stories flying around about her past.

fly at +
攻擊,撲向 (某人、某動物)
The dog flew at the cat when it came into the garden.

fly at +
怒斥,責備 (某人)
He flew at them for not trying hard enough.

fly by
(時間) 飛逝
As I get older, the years just fly by.

fly into +
(喜、怒等情緒) 突然發作
He flew into a rage.

fob * off +
I'm tired of being fobbed off.

fob * off +
欺騙 (某人);對 (某人) 說謊
He fobbed us off with a really stupid excuse.

fob * off on
用 (假貨、劣質品) 欺騙 (某人)
The salesperson fobbed the faulty machine off on the lady.

fob * off onto
用 (假貨、劣質品) 欺騙 (某人)
I fobbed the fake note off onto a shopkeeper.

fob * off with
用 (假貨、劣質品) 欺騙 (某人);用 (藉口) 搪塞 (某人)
The salesperson fobbed the lady off with a faulty machine.