mommy card

(名詞) 媽咪名片:上面印有為人母者的姓名和聯絡資料的名片。亦叫做 mom card

Being a parent is a job in itself, which is exactly why Carrie Hendrix developed "mommy cards," business cards for parents....Depending on the design chosen, some mommy cards come with a bit of ribbon snaked through them. It makes them stand out from the everyday card, Hendrix said.
—Allison Miles, "Several Crossroads businesses jazz up their business cards," Victoria Advocate, July 26, 2009

In the past few years, "mom cards" of all description have been showing up at baby groups, soccer fields and playgrounds. Some are printed with cutesy one-liners (Get your mommy to call my mommy) while others are emblazoned with damask or leopard prints. But the basic information is the same: the mother's name, phone number and a job title such as Rugrat Wrangler or Annabelle's Mom.
—Adriana Barton, "Networking mommies: Here's my card, let's do sandbox," The Globe and Mail, January 11, 2010