disloyalty card

(名詞/可數) 不忠誠卡 - 經營項目相似的若干商店或商家 (如咖啡店,但並非連鎖店) 發給顧客的卡片,用來獎賞各該顧客「不忠誠地」在任何一家商店或商家消費而非「忠誠地」只固定在其中某一家消費。

"Through the disloyalty card that is a part of the campaign, every card holder will earn a stamp for every coffee bought at any of the outlets. The card with the completed number of stamps will entitle the card holder to a free coffee at the first cafe they visited." … The campaign is aimed to increase awareness of independent authentic coffee makers in the respective market and to increase targeted footfall in the respective participating cafes.
[jewelcoffee.com, 27 August 2021]