blue card

(名詞/可數) 藍牌 - 足球裁判向犯規的球員出示的一張小藍牌,而該球員將被罰下場暫時坐到受罰席 (sin bin)。

The prospect of sin bins in football has moved a step closer, with it being reported that the International Football Association Board [IFAB] is planning to make an announcement to trial sin bins in the professional game. It is also being reported that officials would carry a blue card to signify a player had been sent to the sin bin. A spell of 10 minutes in the sin bin would follow a blue card.
[, 8 February 2024]

足球受罰席的前景又向前邁進了一步,據報導,國際足總理事會 (IFAB) 正計劃宣佈在職業比賽中試行受罰席。另據報導,裁判會出示一張藍牌,表示 (犯規的) 球員被罰下場,暫時坐到受罰席。收到藍牌後,將坐在受罰席 10 分鐘。