Facebook facelift

(名詞) 為了使自己 PO 到社群網站的照片看起來比較好看而進行的整容手術。

Seeing themselves in high definition has led to a surge in the numbers who say they could turn to "Facebook facelifts", according to new research. A survey by the media agency Mindshare found that 16 per cent of young British adults are now considering cosmetic surgery such as tummy tucks as a "normal" way of improving how they look.
—"Facebook fever accelerates teen cosmetic surgery," The Scotsman, January 28, 2013

An increasing number of young people are going for cosmetic surgery so that their profile pictures look perfect. Cosmetic surgeons have coined a term for the phenomenon — the Facebook Facelift. —Nalini Ravichandran, "Rise of the 'Facebook Facelift': How young men and women are turning to surgery in the quest for the perfect profile picture," Mail Online India, May 1, 2013