pity friend

(名詞) 同情友:在社交網站上,被你基於同情才接受交友邀請的人。
pity-friend (動詞):基於同情才接受交友邀請。

Consider paring down your Facebook friends to ensure that personalized search results are as relevant as possible. (No more pity friend accepts!)
—Laurel Miltner, "Picks of the Week: May 16-22," PR 20/20 May 24, 2011

Do you hate Facebook's new design? Do you find the home page too noisy, with important updates from your friends getting buried under a stream of banal comments from high-school classmates and other people you pity-friended?
—Farhad Manjoo, "Stop Whining About Facebook's Redesign," Slate, March 23, 2009