look on; look on as; look out; look over; look round; look to; look up; look up to; look upon as; lord it over + (sb); lose out; lose out on; lose out to; luck out

look on
Everybody just looked on as the two men fought.
The crowd just looked on as the old lady was mugged.

look on * as
I look on her as a close friend.

look out
Look out! you're going to drop that!

look * over +
They came to look the house over with a view to buying it.

look round +
察看 (房子)
We looked round the house and decided that we didn't like it enough to buy it.

look to +
They're looking to me to help improve sales figures.

look * up +
查閱 (字典等)
I take time to look up new vocabulary words.
I didn't know what "loquacious" meant and had to look it up in a dictionary.

look * up +
(順道) 看望,拜訪
If you ever travel to Taipei, you should look me up.

look up
(情勢等) 好轉,改善
The economy is looking up.

look up to +
He looks up to his father.

look upon * as
I look upon him as a close friend.

lord it over + (sb)
在 (某人) 面前擺架子;對 (某人) 逞威風
She loves to lord it over her employees.

lose out
Many people lost out when the new regulations were enforced.

lose out on +
(在某方面) 吃虧;失利;失敗
Because I left the company, I lost out on my bonus.

lose out to +
People without IT skills often lose out to those with the skills.

luck out
I really lucked out when I met my partner.