(名詞) 小型應用程式 (small applications)。

A widget can be many things, but most recently the word has come to describe small applications which run on your computer. You might have been given the option to download a widget and wondered what it meant. Widgets can have all sorts of functions – you can download a weather widget, so you can predict the weather or a calendar widget, or a twitter widget. You name it, there’s probably a widget out there which does it.

'Widget' is thought to have come from the word 'gadget'. The original meaning of this seems to be to describe something that you couldn’t think of the word for. According to some etymologists (people who research the origins of words), 'widget' was a variation of the word 'gadget' which arose in the 1920s or 1930s in the US. Before this, the word 'gadget' seems to have been used by British sailors in the mid to late 19th century to describe something which they had forgotten the word for. Used in this way it may have come from a French word ‘gachette’, meaning a type of lock mechanism. Nobody really seems sure. What we can say though, about both ‘widget’ and ‘gadget’ is that they are normally used for something which is not easy to define exactly, something usually mechanical or more recently in relation to computers.
—Jim Pettiward, "Keep your English up to date: Widget," BBC, June 30, 2009