word of post

(名詞) 由網路貼文,尤指由社群媒體或部落格上的貼文所傳播的八卦和消息。亦寫成 word-of-post

這片語顯然是仿效 word of mouth (口耳相傳) 所創造。

A small business that doesn't exist on social media sites can never take advantage of free word-of-mouth (or in this case, word-of-post) advertising that social media provide — advertising that's completely free and very, very effective.
—"Small Business Can Stay Competitive in Social Media," Wiki Law School, January 10, 2012

We've known for years that word-of-mouth marketing has been partially co-opted by word-of-post, but the power of that lesson continues to impress when words like Grey (as in Fifty Shades) cease to instantly invoke Goose, sky or sweaters.
—Michael Humphrey, "Learning From 'Fifty Shades of Grey,' Avon Books And Facebook Tap Social Romance Market," Forbes, October 16, 2012