(名詞) 大多吃葷、偶爾吃素的人;初一十五吃素的人。亦寫成 flexi-vore。這個字是由 flexible + carnivore 拼綴而成,亦可當形容詞用,意為「大多吃葷、偶爾吃素的」。

We do want to try, so we decided to start slow. We'd heard of "flexitarians" who occasionally eat meat, but we decided to become "flexivores" (our term) and go meat-free two days a week.
—Craig and mark Kielburger, "What do the Kielburgers feel guilty about?," The Globe and Mail, October 10, 2011

Today, my cafeteria within the university's research building, actually had a food station labeled for "flexivores." What's a flexivore, other than a made-up word? According to the creators of this word, a flexivore is a person that eats meat, but chooses to incorporate less or no meat meals into his diet.
—Libby, "Flexivores welcome, or not!," A Rogue Scientist, March 12, 2010