(名詞) 以老化的演員擔任主角的動作片 (action movie)。這個字是由 geriatric + action 組合而成。Geriaction 亦可當形容詞用,意為「以老化的演員擔任主角的動作片的」。

Ever since The Expendables grossed $274m worldwide — a figure almost as high as its cast's combined ages — the geriaction subgenre has exploded, making born-again stars out of 1980s icons such as Sylvester Stallone and Mickey Rourke, long thought to have hung up their assault rifles.
—Charlie Lyne, "Geriaction heroes and the age of aged movie stars," The Guardian, March 30, 2013

Combats, encounters, car chases, gunshots, explosions, punches, kicks, blood and sweat with some good guys and their foes thrown in; the geriaction (action from old dudes) subgenre has exploded on the silver screen and it has exploded big time.
—Suruchi Sharma Diwan, "It's time for some geriaction," The Positive, January 7, 2014