cash mob

(名詞) 快錢族。
cash mobber (名詞):快錢族的成員。
cash mobbing (動名詞):快錢族的行為。

註:從第二個引句可知,這個片語導源於 flash mob (快閃族),所謂快閃族就是一群人約好在某年某月某日某時突然間聚集在某處,跳舞、呼口號或集體做其他動作,然後當場作鳥獸散!而快錢族則是指一群人約好在某年某月某日某時,突然間聚集在某一家商店,然後大家自掏腰包一起購買當地某一家店的商品!


Cash mobs appear to be catching on in the suburbs south of Boston, targeting local businesses for one-day boosts in revenue to help keep them afloat in this slow economy.

Unlike the phenomenon of a flash mob, in which hundreds of people show up in one public place at the same time to sing, dance, or otherwise create a stir, organized cash mobs vote on which local businesses to support and visit on a designated day so as not to overwhelm the staff.
—Michele Morgan Bolton, "A new flavor in buying locally: cash mobs," The Boston Globe, June 7, 2012

Cash mobs are starting to pop up across the Valley as local businesses look for new ways to infuse dollars into their bottom lines....

The phenomenon stems from the flash-mob trend, where people meet at a predetermined location to perform some synchronized action. With cash mobs, the action is spending money at a local business.
—Danielle Verbrigghe, "Local First Arizona planning 'cash mob' for Glendale, Mesa," Phoenix Business Journal, June 20, 2012