(動名詞) 用手機傳送偷情簡訊。這個字是由 cheat 和 texting 拼綴而成。
chext (名詞/動詞):偷情簡訊;傳送偷情簡訊。
chexter (名詞):傳送偷情簡訊的人。

Text 或 text message (手機簡訊) 是目前正夯的用語;text 亦可當動詞用,即「傳簡訊」,其動名詞為 texting 或 text messaging。由此衍生的字也越來越多,如本文的 chexting 以及在引句中亦提到的 sexting (用手機傳送色情簡訊和圖片)。sexting 這個字去年才出現;同樣地,sext 亦可當名詞和動詞用,前者意為「(用手機傳送的) 色情簡訊和圖片」,後者意為「用手機傳送色情簡訊和圖片」。

You might like texting, frown upon sexting, but now comes "chexting" -- and it can lead to big trouble. Just ask Tiger Woods and Jesse James.
Golf superstar Woods and TV celebrity James, who is married to Oscar-winning actress Sandra Bullock, have seen their lives unravel amid revelations of cheating on their spouses, in part by arranging liaisons via text messages.
Don't be fooled into thinking you're safe. If you've sexted and chexted, you might soon be "exted" by your spouse.
—Zorianna Kit, "Perils of 'chexting' hit spotlight with Tiger Woods, Jesse James," Reuters, April 1, 2010